Joint Sponsorship FAQ

What is CME?
Continuing Medical Education (CME) is required for most United States physicians as part of their re-licensure requirements. The amount of credits varies from state to state.

What is Category 1 and 2 Credit?
ABQAURP is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and may enter into joint provider relationships with non-accredited providers to provide AMA PRA Category 1 credit™ for CME. Category 1 activities are planned, structured educational activities that have been designated for American Medical Association (AMA) Physician’s Recognition Award (PRA) Category 1 credit.

Category 2 is defined by the AMA as all educational activities not designated for Category 1 that: 1) comply with the AMA definition of CME, 2) comply with AMA ethical opinions on Gifts to Physicians from Industry and on Ethical Issues in CME, and 3) a physician finds to be a worthwhile learning experience related to his/her practice. Accredited providers do not designate activities for AMA PRA Category 2 Credit™.   

What is CE/Nursing Contact Hours?
Continuing Education (CE)/Nursing Contact Hours are required for most nurses and other health care professionals as part of their re-licensure requirement. The amount of credits varies from state to state. ABQAURP is accredited by the Florida Board of Nursing to provide credits; these credits are recognized by all fifty (50) states’ nursing boards.  

What is a Joint Providership relationship?
A Joint Providership relationship is where ABQAURP (a CME/CE accredited provider) enters into a relationship with a non-accredited entity to collaborate and review their educational activity to determine if it meets the criteria to be continuing medical education. 

When does a non-accredited entity contact ABQAURP for CME/CE accreditation?
At least eight (8) weeks prior to the activity, early in the planning stages. Larger activities may require a minimum of 3 - 6 months. The earlier ABQAURP can review and grant preliminary approval of the activity, the earlier the JP can advertise CME credits. Advertising is prohibited until approved by an ACCME accredited provider..  

How are hours of credit calculated?
Per the AMA: 60 minutes equals one (1) hour of Category 1 credit. Credits can be divided into fifteen (15) minute increments (i.e. .25, .50, and .75).

Nursing contact hours are calculated in 30 minute increments and must be at least one (1) hour to qualify for credits.  

What are commercial interests?
A commercial interest is any entity producing, marketing, re-selling, or distributing health care goods or services consumed by, or used on, patients (i.e. pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical supplies). 

What is commercial support?
Commercial Support is financial or in-kind contributions (types of resources and/or services with cash value donated or loaned) given by a commercial interest, used to pay all or part of the costs of a CME activity.  

What is the difference between exhibit revenue and commercial support?
Exhibit revenue is completely separate from commercial support. Exhibits are never a condition for the receipt of an educational grant (commercial support). Should an exhibit be requested or any other marketing arrangements, a separate agreement must be entered into with the appropriate party from the commercial interest. A fee will be charged for securing exhibit space, and the fee will be consistent for any exhibitor regardless of the organization’s involvement in the provision of an educational grant for the CME/CE activity.  Exhibits must be kept separate from the CME activity. 

What is the planning committee?
Any person involved in the planning of the activity, in a position to control the content of the CME, selection of educational methods, and/or evaluation of the activity.. 

What are conflict of interest disclosure forms?
All faculty/planners or anyone who has control over the educational content must disclose whether they “have” or “have no” financial relationships relevant to the content of their presentation. Accredited providers must have a procedure in place to identify whether or not faculty have any (or no) financial relationships. ABQAURP utilizes a conflict of interest disclosure form as a means to identify relevant planners, faculty, spouse or partner, financial relationships and to resolve any conflicts of interest.   

For more information, contact Deborah Naser at: or (800) 998.6030 ext. 118.

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