Diplomate-HCQM Recertification Policy

To uphold ABQAURP's professional standards and maintain Diplomate status, Diplomates must meet all recertification requirements as determined by the Board of Directors. Under this policy, Diplomates are required to continue their professional education in the field of Health Care Quality and Management (HCQM) and Patient Safety through participation in an approved program for continuing medical education. It is essential for each Diplomate to complete a minimum of 8 CME / CE credit hours of applicable continuing education per 2-year recertification cycle. Additionally, through the continued support by means of annual fees, Diplomates help support the research and development of educational programs and to maintain the integrity of the certification examination.

Recertification Guidelines

The recertification cycle is two (2) years, with the member's initial recertification cycle beginning on October 1, after passing the exam, and ending on September 30 of the second year.

1) Each member is required to complete a minimum of 8 CME / CE credit hours of continuing education as relevant to the fields of Health Care Quality and Management per 2-year recertification cycle*.

2) Each member is required to remain current with all account balances.

ABQAURP automatically reviews all Diplomate member records to determine if the requirements have been fulfilled. As members accumulate hours of continuing education, ABQAURP updates the recertification period for two (2) years if all requirements are met. Since the continuing education requirement is intended to keep members current with emerging trends and technologies, excess hours cannot be applied to the next recertification cycle. An updated Diplomate certificate will be sent automatically to the renewing members within eight (8) weeks of fulfilling the recertification requirements.

If Diplomate has achieved both CHCQM and CPHYADV credentials, credit hours earned may be applied to both recertification requirements, as applicable to the content area* and recertification cycles of the two credentials.

Options for Recertification

Option 1:
Completion of a minimum of 8 CME / CE credit hours of ABQAURP-accredited continuing education through any combination of the following:
  • Attendance at any ABQAURP-accredited CE Conference.
  • Completion of any ABQAURP-accredited CE Online Course(s).
  • Attendance at any ABQAURP-accredited jointly provided program of 8 CME / CE or more credit hours.
  • Development of an approved CE course or conference presentation for ABQAURP. The member will be awarded applicable credits toward the recertification requirement. Please contact the Education Department by email at education@abqaurp.org to learn more.

Option 2:

Completion of a minimum of 8 CME / CE credit hours of HCQM-focused content through non-ABQAURP accredited CE programs. Please make sure you have your CME/CE information available before you begin so you can complete the process. You will need the name of the accredited provider, date for each course reported, program title, location, and credits awarded. Please note, there is a processing and verification fee of up to $150.

Recertify early to save:
First year of recertification cycle (October 1st through September 30th) - $75
October 1st - March 31st of second year - $100
April 1st - September 30th of second year - $150

To use credits earned from other CME/CE activities (non-ABQAURP), please click here to complete the online process. You will be asked to log in first to verify your credentials with ABQAURP and to enroll you in the correct recertification cycle.

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Option 3:
Re-examination for Diplomate members.

Termination of Diplomate Status

Diplomate status may be terminated by the Board of Directors for the following reasons:
  1. Revocation of professional license; or
  2. Falsification of application, felony offenses or other adverse professional action detrimental to the organization as defined by the Board of Directors; or
  3. Failure to fulfill the continuing education requirement as determined by the Board of Directors; or
  4. Failure to pay all dues and fees owed to ABQAURP.
If your Diplomate status has been terminated and you would like to Reinstate your Diplomate credential, please click here .

Approved by the Board of Directors May 30, 2024